Taxon Seeds

Taxon Seeds is one of the leading producer and supplier of agrochemicals, micro-nutrients, seeds as well as high grade organic products.AS AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, Taxon Products are the ideal compliments for plant nutrition in a board variety of crops for optimal development and best yield. Our Company is producing quality products and has equipped its plants with highly sophisticated equipments and machineries.

Perfectly balanced nutrition is require for intensive crop production .Special care & reliable monitoring are needed when it comes to micro-nutrient deficiencies, as they may impair plant growth .Thus, Taxon have products of micro -nutrients which are design for both foliar and soil application. The main aim of our company is to produce quality products which are cost effective for farmers/users as well as eco-friendly in nature.Design for soil application as well as for foliar spray.

  • Compliments plant nutrition.
  • Facilitates growth & boost vigour
  • Correct deficiencies & cure mal-fuctioning of plant
  • Supports flowering & fruiting.